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C-CCS Group CarbonStream International  NVIROK

CarbonStream International and The C-CCS Group focuses on collaboration and innovation; bringing together International talent and lead technologies to cater for the demands of the evolving CCS, Clean Industry, Green Refining and Clean Power Generation Markets.

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 CarbonStream Bullet CCS Information Links

Global CCS Institute. [External link]
Carbon Capture Storage Association (CCSA) [External link]
Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum [External link]
NCCCS National Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage [External link]
DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change [External link]
European Commission: Energy and Natural Resources [External link]
European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plant: Co2 Capture & Storage (CCS) [External link]
European The Directorate-General for Climate Action [External link]
European Seventh Famework Program FP7 [External link]
European Environment Agency [External link]
EU GCC Clean Energy Network [External link]
IPAC CO2 The International Performance Assessment Centre for geologic storage of Carbon Dioxide [External link]
MASDAR - Abu Dhabi National Energy, Global Energy Company [External link]
AIChE Abu Dhabi Advancement of the Science of Chemical Engineering [External link]
The Guardian - explainer: How carbon is captured and stored [External link]
OK Carbon Alliance [External link]
IFP Energies nouvelles [External link]
NETL The US National Energy Technology Laboratory [External link]
Seren GRC Project: The Geoenvironmental Research Centre [External link]
SINTEF CO2 - Carbon Capture and Storage [External link]
NTNU The Norwegian University of Science and Technology [External link]
DTU Technical University of Demark [External link]
TUHH Technical University of Hamburg - Harburg  [External link]
Vatenfall : Carbon Capture and Storage [External link]
TNO Built Environment and GeoSciences [External link]
Scottish & Southern Energy  CCS [External link]
British Geological Survey CCS [External link]
ARMINES Engineering Research Partnership [External link]
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation [External link]
Elcogas Carbon Capture Technologies, Puetellano Clean Power Plant [External link]
Bellona (Norway) Environment and Climate Change: CCS Web [External link]
NZEC : The joint UK-China Near Zero Emissions Coal (NZEC) [External link]
IEA Clean Coal Centre [External link]
IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme [External link]
IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels [External link]
International Energy Agency [External link]
McKinsey & Company: Climate Change Special Initiative [External link]
North Sea Basin Task Force [External link]
Nottingham University: Centre for Innovation in CCS [External link]
Office of Climate Change [External link]
DCarbonize DC- Consulting [External link]
Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology: POST note 253 on Cleaner Coal [External link]
Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage [External link]
UK Carbon Capture and Storage Centre [External link]
World Coal Institute [External link]
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change [External link]




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